30 November 2017

National Geographic Russia in December

In the December issue of National Geographic Russia:

The Happiest Country: The happiest people on earth live in Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore. Why do the people of such distant and different countries enjoy life so much? And above all, what is happiness?

Jaguars the Spirits of the Amazon: Zoologists estimate that there are no more than 100,000 jaguars left on the planet. Now, even in some of their traditional Amazonian hunting grounds, visitors can only see jaguars as images adorning temples, thrones, and sometimes, mug handles. The local shamans are all that is left to turn to the spirits of the jaguars.

Dancing Across the Abyss: Dagestani rope-walkers perform without a net, balancing with the help of a long flexible pole, standing on a wire hanging several meters about the ground, full of courage and grace.

Portuguese Explorers: The 1430s are considered the beginning of the age of discovery as that is when Portuguese sailors first risked everything and directed their caravels towards the African coast. By mid-century, tiny Portugal had established itself as the worlds leading maritime power. How did the country accomplish such a remarkable feat?

The issue went on sale November 28.

Svetlana Antonova – National Geographic marketing and PR director
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