01 November 2017

National Geographic Russia in November

In the November issue of National Geographic Russia magazine:

An Ecological Oasis in the Desert Ц From its beginnings as a small fishing village, Dubai has grown into a gigantic metropolis and the capital of the emirate. Municipal authorities now want to transform Dubai into an eco-city, and plan to introduce solar energy and green construction.

Winged Giants of the Past Ц Pterosaurs ruled the skies 160 million years ago, evolving from tiny tailed creatures to animals of various shapes and sizes. These reptiles became the first flying vertebrates and the largest animals that could rise into the air. What caused them to die out completely?

Vaccination Ц It is difficult to believe, but in the early 21st century more than 800,000 children die from pneumococcal infections every year despite the fact that an effective vaccine exists. What is stopping so many people from being vaccinated?

Photo archive: 1917-1927 Ц For the first time in the pages of this magazine, images recorded in 1917-1918 and 1926-1927 by famed U.S. photographer Maynard Owen Williams, who traveled to revolutionary Russia with a sociology professor and returned 10 years later to what had become a Soviet state.

The issue went on sale October 31.

Svetlana Antonova – National Geographic marketing and PR director
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