12 January 2017 / National Geographic Russia

National Geographic Russia in January

In the January issue of National Geographic Russia:

Wonder Woman Excavations of the ancient city of Phanagoria on the Taman Peninsula have lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the history of the great ancient ruler Mithridates and his wife, Hypsicratea.

People of the Forest The destruction of their natural habitat over the past 75 years has reduced the worlds orangutan population by 80% and that is a conservative estimate. Do our relatives in the wild have a future?

How to Become a Man The world has numerous rites of passage dictating how boys become men, each reflecting the values of their respective societies. What does the unmitigated cruelty of some of those rites teach their initiates?

Its Hard to be a Girl Millions of girls around the world are subjected to violence and are made to suffer through ancient rites, but education is giving some of them a ticket to a normal life.

The issue is already on sale. An interactive iPad version is also available.

Svetlana Antonova – National Geographic marketing and PR director
Site: www.nat-geo.ru  
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